Confidence within, confidence without.

Confidence within, confidence without.

Have you noticed how something like a new haircut or makeover can fill you with confidence and make you feel really good about yourself? It’s as if we’ve been reminded for a moment that we are part of the beauty and wonder that we call nature.

Confidence that you can count on.

Treating ourselves to ‘stuff’ gives us a confidence boost and is certainly not a bad thing. We live in a material world so it’d be strange if physical things had no affect on us at all. Still, the type of lift pampering ourselves gives us is unfortunately quite temporary. It certainly doesn’t provide us with the confidence we need to make empowered decisions, to take the best opportunities and to develop positive relationships.

So just what is the secret to developing the kind of confidence that puts you in control of your destiny?

Well the secret is that the good stuff comes from within. Developing positive personality traits does more for your personal confidence than any external treat ever could. On top of that, it lasts. You’ll still be feeling great about yourself long after the thrill of any physical luxury has faded. It’s also not that hard to do. Here are three simple motivational strategies that can really help you to develop the type of confidence you can really count on:

1. Pay It Forward

If you know that you try to be a good person then this provides a real sense of self-worth that it’s easy to overlook the value of. Embrace a cause or do some work that helps people. There’s a natural confidence that comes from seeing yourself as having a positive impact on the world around you – which makes sense really as subconsciously you know that the world is then also more likely to support you.

2. Spread The Love

We’re talking communication here. Be positive in the way you engage with people. This is similar to the strategy above; if you do your best to treat everyone well then you will feel much more secure in your relationships. The people around you are more likely to treat you well, whilst you’re also more likely to attract positive characters into your inner circle. There’s then less chance that you’ll be around people who will treat you poorly. You’re much more likely to make connections who give you confidence.

3. Conquer Your Fears

Fear is the opposite of confidence so it makes sense that by conquering our fears we’ll feel more confident. This is something that Susan Jeffers eluded to in her now famous book Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway . There’s really nothing more liberating than conquering your fear by preparing and then taking action. Simply think of something that you’d love to try but are too scared to do and start taking some steps towards it today.

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