​Feel the futility and do the right thing anyway.

​Feel the futility and do the right thing anyway.

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Do you know why we like to see movies where the good guy always wins? Because we enjoy seeing a direct connection between behaviour and result. We love seeing the bad guy behaving in a way that ultimately leads to a somewhat predictable demise and our hero triumphing after doing the right thing.

But real life doesn’t work like that. Sometimes people do the wrong thing and seemingly get away with it. On the other hand we all know that having the best intentions doesn’t automatically protect us from getting into problems.

So why should we choose to be motivated by our conscience when there seems to be no guarantee of any immediate benefit? What’s the actual point in being ethical?

Karma: Do the right thing or get it wrong.

The answer is that there always consequences to our actions. Even if they’re not as dramatic as those portrayed by movie stars. Every action does indeed have an equal and opposite reaction. What you put out is indeed what you get back.

Of course some people scoff at the idea of some kind of mumbo-jumbo ‘Karma’. Yet anyone with a basic insight into human nature will recognise that it is the choices that we make over time which determine our character. And since our character has an undeniable impact on the course of our lives, doing the right thing will consequently absolutely have an impact on your destiny.

The truth is that your character is the major influence in determining your progress at home, at work, in your community and even in your relationship to yourself i.e. your self-esteem. It’s like the interface between you and your world. So if you’ve corrupted your character by doing things in an unethical way then the impact will definitely be felt.

The good news though is that it works both ways. By making ethical decisions you can develop the kind of traits that lead to cooperation, collaboration and real inner confidence. These characteristics will invisibly support the life that you are trying to create and also make you happy within yourself.

Ultimately doing the right thing is a big investment in yourself and your own success.

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