Is your perspective pushing you towards depression?

Is your perspective pushing you towards depression?

glass half full

Happiness is just a way of seeing experience. Have you noticed how some people seem to waltz through life with a whistle and a song and nothing ever seems to get them down?

Their eyes seem to always be able to focus on the positive in every situation. How do they do it? Are they trying or are they just lucky?

For most of us, difficult situations in the past or present have a negative emotional impact. Whether it’s tensions at work, relationship issues, problems with people or just difficulty in seeing the best in ourselves.

Life’s issues can really get us down and lead to prolonged periods of unhappiness which of course could trigger depression.

The solution is to change the way we see our experiences. This is because how we feel is largely influenced by our view of what’s happened to us or is currently happening to us.

Try looking back over your situations and choosing to re-evaluate them in a more favourable light. With practice this is something you can become quite adept at and the results can be seriously profound.

Changing your view of the past and near-present isn’t a new concept. It’s essentially the aim of many therapies.

A Paradigm Shift

Some would suggest that there are some situations that will always make us feel terrible though. A bullying boss? Being cheated on by a partner? Being humiliated publicly?

We’ve all experienced crises with the capacity to leave us with emotional scars. Many of us have hovered on the brink of depression, if not actually experienced it fully.

And in any case isn’t ‘seeing your experiences more favourably’ just escapism? Aren’t you just burying your head in the sand?

The fact is that whichever way you look at it (no pun intended) reality is a paradigm. What I mean here is that we are all always simply interpreting what is happening around us and we’re never likely to see the absolute truth.

The real question is, what’s so important about seeing the truth?

I’d suggest that what’s more important here is the impact that our paradigms have on our motivation and our ability to get on in life.

Positivity For Performance

So, if the result of seeing my experiences in a more positive way is to lead me away from depression, to improve my motivation and to make me more effective in achieving my aims – then I’ll take it!

And by the way, science backs this. A recent study proved that people who had been primed to see things in a more positive way went on to make much better decisions than those who began with a negative point of view.

What this means then is that if you consistently see things in a negative way then you could find yourself in a self-fulfilling loop. ‘Bad’ experiences leading to negative thinking, leading to poor decisions, leading to bad experiences – and so on.

Sounds a lot like a recipe for a fall into depression, right?

Nevertheless we can take a great deal of hope from exactly the same understanding.

By seeing our experiences in a better light we can make better decisions, take more effective action and improve our situations.

Sounds a lot like a recipe for happiness, right?

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