​Review daily to restore your motivation.

​Review daily to restore your motivation.

review for motivation
Do you sometimes feel like you’ve suddenly hit a wall with your progress in life? If you do it could be because you’re not taking time out to review your actions.

‘Taking stock’ is a vital but often overlooked part of moving forward. We tend to be so focused on what can be done now or in the future that we don’t think that there’s much to be learned from the past. However review is a seriously powerful tool that can set us up for success. You’re actually doing it even when you don’t realise it. It’s likely the source of many of your strategies and much of your motivation. Still, if you don’t consciously take the time to look back over things you can suddenly feel like you’ve completely run out of ideas.

So how often should you pause to review your progress?

Review and the rhythm of life.

There’s no straightforward answer to this. Depending on your activities it might be appropriate to carry out a review a number of times throughout the day. However life’s natural rhythm would suggest an ‘end of the day’ review as the very least we should aim for.

Below is a simple three point review system which should help you to keep your performance on the up and your motivation levels high. Answer each question in order:

Step 1: What’s gone well?

It’s important to take a look at your successful actions. This is for a number of reasons but perhaps primarily because if you don’t feel like you’re doing well then you will lose motivation. It’s also key to defining actions that you might want to perform again or turn into a habit. Additionally, it’s useful for getting a sense of where your strengths lie. There’s always something you did well. Even the fact that you made an effort counts.

Step 2: What didn’t go so well?

Looking at where your performance didn’t hit the mark should always happen after looking at what you did well. It helps to keep things in perspective as we do have a tendency of being overly downbeat about the areas where we can always grow. As I said above, if you don’t feel like you’re doing well then you will lose motivation. If you’ve already looked at what you did well then looking at what you didn’t do so well will feel much more comfortable.

Step 3: How will I do things differently?

The final stage of your review is to define your new strategy for moving forward. This may well be made up of elements of what you did right last time but very often it will include the solution to an issue or problem that you recognised in step two. By writing this down you’re much more likely to take action and more likely to spot any last minute adjustments you need to make to your plans.

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