Had enough of negative self-talk?

Had enough of negative self-talk?

negative self talk
Do you hold yourself back? I’m sure you know what I mean here. There’s a thing that you want to do but in your head you’re saying to yourself ‘No, I can’t because…’? Negative self-talk can be harder to overcome than any physical barrier.

It’s a very human problem. It can be due to low confidence, a poor self-image or even past experiences – either way it turns us into our own worst enemies. You might not always see it but it costs you more than you can imagine in missed opportunities. We may eventually end up with a feeling that we’re simply stuck in our situation. constantly going over and over the same level of achievement like some kind of ground-hog day. It leads us to a belief that we’ve ‘reached our level’ or perhaps aren’t as talented as those who seem to advance ahead of us. This feeds back into our self talk, which holds us back even more the next time we try to make progress … and so the cycle continues.

So what on earth’s going on and how can you break this negative cycle that’s keeping you from finding fulfilment?

The truth about you.

The fact is that you’re massively more capable than you’re allowing yourself to believe. When you initially feel like you really want to do something then the chances are that you wouldn’t have felt this unless you had the potential within you. It might take a series of attempts, perhaps some learning, but the truth is that you have all the motivation you need. The problem is that negative self-talk is preventing that motivation from allowing you to act.

The following motivational strategies will help you start making progress in your effort to conquer your mental processes.

1. Change your thoughts.

Learn to detect and reject any self-talk that doesn’t encourage you to move towards your ambitions. Try to replace these with contradicting positive thoughts. It will take time and continued practice but eventually thinking more positively will become a good habit.

2. Just do it.

Let your ‘desire to do’ take over. It doesn’t matter if you’re successful or not. What matters is that you try. Just taking action will help you to grow in confidence and you’ll probably do much better than you’re self-talk will initially suggest.

3. It’s good to talk.

Having the courage to talk to someone about your negative self-talk can be totally liberating. In the cold light of day, most of what you say to yourself may seem completely absurd. Once you recognise how wrong your views are you’ll find it easier to break the negative self-talk habit and develop more constructive thinking.

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