Life Coaching: Your Motivation Solution

Life Coaching: Your Motivation Solution

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If you’ve never experienced or even heard of life coaching before then let me tell you something – it’s absolutely amazing!

So what is it that you want to achieve? Professional success? An exercise goal? Overcoming a personal challenge? Or maybe you just want to generally move forward in your life? Well, imagine for a moment that whatever you’re aiming for is suddenly within reach. Imagine too that the way that you got here was innovative and enjoyable. Finally, imagine the boost in your personal confidence as your idea of what you’re actually capable of is completely transformed by your success. This is what life coaching offers and why I believe it has the power to totally change our world. It’s simply the best!

So how does life coaching work?

Life coaching is a dialogue between client and coach that can happen face-to-face, over the phone or online. The coach guides you to find innovative ways to reach your goals and then helps you to schedule and plan effectively, making it as easy as possible to take action.

In my opinion a great coach is someone who simply asks the right questions. Their understanding of the way people think and feel about their goals enables them to guide you to explore areas beyond the boundaries of your normal perception. The answers that you then come up with are totally ground-breaking, as well as highly personalised and specific to your situation.

Ultimately you are your own best advisor because only you can see all aspects of your unique circumstance. Only you can see all of the opportunities around you and the resources that you can utilise. Only you truly know your own capabilities and the end result that you really want. Your own motivation is the key to revealing your pathway. A coach simply facilitates you to become aware of all of this. I’m always as amazed and excited by the solutions that my clients come up with as they are. It’s so rewarding!

In a nutshell: Life coaching is a conversation in which we expand your paradigms and help you to manage your time, so that you can turn your dreams into reality. This happens in your own unique way and through your own amazing motivation.

So why would you choose me as your life coach?

Well firstly I’m really passionate about life coaching! I’m also an effective listener, highly empathic and I pride myself in communicating in a motivational, inspiring and enlightening way. In my own life I have been to the bottom of despair and emerged with an understanding of motivation that gives me an unshakeable belief in human potential and the power that people have lying latent within them. I’m absolutely certain that you have everything you need within you to achieve your dreams.

I’m also fully qualified and accredited, having received my training with The Coaching Academy who amongst others are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), The Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM) and the CPD Standards Office.

How do I hire you as my Life Coach?

I see clients both on a regular and a casual basis. My regular clients are focused on developing all aspects of their lives towards a high level of fulfilment. Unfortunately (due to the numbers of hours in a day!) I of course only have a limited number of slots for my regular clients.   (Note: At the moment all of my regular time slots are taken.)

Alternatively you can see me on a more casual basis. In this case each one-off session is focused on what you want to address right now. Perhaps there’s a particular goal that you’d like to achieve? Maybe you’re having an issue that you want to finally deal with? These sessions are always followed by an online or telephone review, just to catch up and see how you’re getting on. If you’re looking for some quick motivation and/or clarity then booking a casual life coaching session is a great option.

Either way, all you need to do is simply take your first step and get in touch. We can discuss what you need and I can answer any questions you have about the coaching process. I’ll then help you get set up for your first life coaching session.

Connect with me.

The truth is that I love helping people to improve their confidence and certainty and move forward in their lives. Even if you’re not interested in life coaching then I hope that you’ll follow me online to receive my latest motivational messages. I’m active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and of course I’m continuing to add motivational articles to my blog all the time.

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