Success every day: a simple solution.

Success every day: a simple solution.

success pushing uphill
Do you ever feel like you’re going the wrong way up an escalator? You’re working hard but you don’t seem to be getting the results for your efforts? You might even be starting to convince yourself that ‘this is pretty much as good as it gets’? How do we consistently take the type of daily action that actually leads towards our future success?

Success needs your focus.

As human beings we are pretty inefficient. A lot of our energy goes on doing things that really just paper over the cracks of our lives rather than building the dreams that we know will fulfil us. This isn’t our intention of course, it’s just a matter of not recognising what is worth putting our weight behind. We’re not great at knowing what we really need to do – and that’s a problem. As a result in the short term we may feel that we’ve struggled for small success. Over the longer term we may become quite dissatisfied with our lives.

So how can we ensure that we’re applying our energy to things that will actually bring us a step closer to the success that we want?

It’s a question of focus. There’s a saying that ‘where our thoughts focus, our energy follows’. If daily challenges totally occupy our focus, as opposed to our goals, then we will make small progress.

But surely that’s normal, right? How many times have we heard ‘focus on the task at hand’ or ‘concentrate on getting things done’? To be clear what is being suggested here is that you make sure that the ‘task at hand’ is often something that ‘creates future success’ rather than just ‘keeping things running’. We need to spend more time considering where we really want to be.

Use your imagination.

Ask yourself this: what does success look like for you? Build a picture in your mind and be prepared to spend time bringing that ‘image’ into sharper focus. As you do this you’ll notice a couple of things will change. Firstly your focus will adjust. You’ll see the contrast between actions that take you to where you want to be and those that don’t. Secondly you’ll notice that your creative mind kicks in and you start making choices that utilise the opportunities around you. You’ll start to take yourself out of your comfort zone and set yourself on the pathway to success.

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