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My name is Soul Phoenix. I’m a certified Motivation Coach who creates positive inspirational insights to help you increase your optimism and performance in all areas of your life.

Our motivation literally affects everything we do – from shaping our decisions and choices to deciding how resilient we will be when faced with challenges.

Scientific research has proven that our performance is directly affected by our level of positivity. People in a study who were shown positive information far outperformed those who were exposed to negative information.

As the researcher Barbara Fredrickson concluded: “When positive emotions are in short supply, people get stuck. They lose their degrees of behavioural freedom and become painfully predictable. But when positive emotions are in ample supply, people take off. They become generative, creative, resilient, ripe with possibility and beautifully complex.”

My communications are intended to be enlightening and uplifting. They’re designed to empower you and help you free your motivation so you can find fulfilment.

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