You can see setbacks as your seat or your stairway to success
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How to Get Back On Track with Your Goals




So you’ve actually done it. You’ve started that new routine. You’re feeling good about yourself because you’re finally making progress towards that goal that you want to achieve.

But then something innocuous happens. It kicks you out of your stride. And before you know it you’re at a total standstill with that goal disappearing off into the distance. We’ve all been there right?

Losing momentum is a real challenge when you’re chasing your dreams.

It’s not the stopping that’s the issue. That quite often happens for a good reason. Perhaps events beyond your control?

No, it’s the starting again. That feeling of having to go back to the beginning. It’s soul destroying.

Finding the motivation to get back on track can often be extremely difficult.

So why does it feel so demotivating and how can we get back on track?

Well firstly, it’s all down to our expectations.

You see, we imagined that we’d walk a clear, direct path to our destination. That there would be no delays, no diversions. So now at the first checkpoint we find ourselves deflated and unwilling to keep going.

That’s because you feel like you failed, which makes you just want to give up.

Suddenly the subconscious doubts kick in. Maybe I won’t make it? Maybe I’m not good enough? They’re not really questions, they’re fears. Holding you back. Making your destination seem further away, unreachable.

But of course that’s not true. There’s nothing to say you can’t make it. You just need to get back on track with the same energy and determination that you had before. Nothing has really changed and it’s not like you’ve made absolutely no progress so far, right?

So simply reignite your motivation by resetting your sights on your goal…

Imagining what it will be like to achieve what you want – that total fulfilment – is a great way to fire up your desire and really get going again.

But there’s also another really valuable piece of wisdom to be gained here…

Wouldn’t it have been easier if you’d started out with more awareness that there would be moments where progress wouldn’t be smooth? Why not accept that neither you our your life can ever be perfect…

…and regard periodic pauses as an inevitable part of the journey.

By being mentally prepared you’ll see drifting off course as just part of your passage and soon you’ll be taking any detours in your stride.

Now go get back on track!

You can see setbacks as your seat or your stairway to success

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