Who am I? It's that age old question. A search for meaning and our best selves.The desire to be valuable. The need to fit in. Where is my place in the community? For most of us it's not easy to discover how to fulfil our unique potential. We're surrounded by people's opinions, guidance and different points of view. We of course do need suggestions and feedback from the world around us, but much of this will be in conflict with what we really feel and who we truly are. That's because we are very different individuals with unique strengths. These might be latent, simply not valued or are perhaps not immediately apparent. So, to be who you really are you ultimately need to figure out what makes you YOU. And this is very much a journey of discovery that lasts a lifetime. Your sense of who you are will develop as you recognise your unique potentials and begin to use these strengths in your daily life in increasingly fulfilling ways. So, it's about weighing every possibility against your passion and motivation. The right opportunity shouldn't just be a great idea. It should also feel really good. Ideally there should be very little conflict between your actions and your emotions. But it's not just about feeling good. You'll find that you're also much more effective. You'll tend to choose projects that you're keen and capable of making a success of, which will raise both your self-worth and your value in the eyes of all who benefit. Never forget that you are an amazing part of life with huge potential and a unique purpose.